”Never underestimate the power of a good brow”



I have over 15 years experience in brows, previously working for Benefit Cosmetics as a Brow Expert and in recent years training with industry leaders, HD Brows, Danielle Stott and the absolute queen of lamination, Claudia Odey to name a few. I pride myself on being able to create natural brows to suit all skin tones and face shapes.


Wax only


Tint only


Signature Brows

Tint, wax, tweeze & trim


HD Brows

Design, tint, wax, tweeze, trim, thread, & finish with HD products

£26 or block of 6 (regrowth plan) £150

Hybrid Brows

Hybrid precision tint lasting 7 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the brows plus wax, tweeze & trim


Brow Jelly Mask

An anti inflammatory, antibacterial cooling jelly mask designed to reduce any redness around the brow area, prevent breakouts and soothe the skin post waxing.


Patch test required minimum 48 hours before treatment without exception.


Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is the process of breaking down the bonds in the hair follicle to reset the brows into a straighter, more uniformed position, allowing you to have more versatility in your brow styling. Perfect if you have unruly brows, would like thicker looking brows, have gaps that you would like to disguise ,or correct hairs laying in the wrong direction. 


Including full brow design, tint and shape. Results last 6-8 weeks with maintenance recommended after 4 weeks. 

Lamination Maintenance

An aftercare treatment combining luxury brow preparation products with a deep conditioning treatment to hydrate, restore and protect the integrity of the brow hairs, also includes wax and tint to freshen up the shape & colour.



I am a proud stockist of the Saint & Serenity brow care range which you can use at home to maintain your treatment results.


Brow Rinse

A foamy brow cleanser designed to remove impurities, oil & makeup from the brow area effortlessly without excessively rubbing or pulling at the hairs. Recommended use daily.


Brow Buffer 

A creamy lightly grained exfoliator to polish the skin, promote new hair growth & remove products from the brows. Recommended twice per week.


Brow Restore

The perfect brow conditioner to hydrate, restore and replenish the brows to promote new hair growth and keep the brows looking silky and healthy. Recommended twice per week as a 5 minute up to 30 minute deep conditioning treatment.




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